"Whether you are an adult who never learned to read, or the parent of a child struggling at school, you know the anguish of the poor reader.

Beacon is the answer for genuine, long-term solutions."

- Beacon Literacy

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Lessons From a Snowy Driveway

When I was young my family lived in northern British Columbia, Canada and it was normal to have fourteen feet of snow accumulating every winter. In fact, there were times when we could toboggan off the roof. Now as a youngster it was entertaining; to an adult - not so much.


Land of the Free, Home of the Beaver - Literacy Levels in Canada, Why Should We Care?

Logic would tell us that there is something dreadfully wrong when almost half of the nation does not meet the minimum literacy level. However, the problem goes deeper than one might think. We know that being illiterate can effect job prospects, but consider your daily routine and how often you need to read just to get by. To get an idea, try the simple exercise of keeping track of how many times you use your reading skills in a day; it will give you an idea of just what a necessity being literate is and the impact it would have if you could not.

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