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- Stirling and Elizabeth Vance
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Exploring the Diamond Minds

"Within every book is a diamond" ~ Lani R Donaldson

Summer Reading

School is almost out, the kids will have their summer break soon and you want to ensure that those skills that have been taught in school and practiced daily for the past 196 school days do not go on vacation as well. 

What is a parent to do?

Good question.  Some children will happily read books through the summer but many will not and therein lies the problem. 

How do we encourage those who are not avid readers to, at least read a little?

Simple:  Lead Them Down the Garden Path

I know, sounds somewhat underhanded but……….

When reading is seen as work and not a hobby one has to move quickly into the “Super Parent “ action mode.

When the sun is shining and friends are outside it is difficult to focus on anything other than joining in the fun outside.  So, let them.  As all parents know, it is best to pick the battles you know you can win.  The secret is to leave things around the house that they can read, that interest them. 

Opportunity Abounds

If your child is adventurous, ensure that there is adventure stories about.  If they are old enough for chapter books pick ones that average around the 138 to 150 page range.  These are short enough not to be overwhelming and long enough to allow a good fast paced story line to develop.

If your child is the sporty type, there are many good fictional book series on a variety of sports.  The key is to get books that have a good story and teach them some skills that they may not know about.

For the real challenging individuals comic books are a good choice. There are more and more “graphic novels” out on the market.  Usborne books has a good selection of classics.  

So, Where Are the Diamonds

It is the knowledge gained from the books that are the true diamonds.

Once children master the art of decoding text it is the practice of decoding that is important.  It is the accuracy and fluency of the reading process that increases comprehension. 

As with any skill, the more you practice, the better you become.  Knowing what topic areas your child loves is really the key.  Adventure, sports, mystery, science, history it really does not matter as long as they read something.  Yup, even the cereal box will do as a start.  As children realize they can control their own learning, reading becomes a tool for them. 

Leave the Diamonds in Plain View?

Leave plenty of books, magazines, comics books in plain view and easy to reach areas.  For example: A Kid’s World magazine, a fictional book about a boy or girl on a baseball team, an adventure story with characters the same age as your children.  For teenagers, graphic novels, or magazines that reflect their interests.  The latest “hot” series.

Where to Iook for the diamonds?

You can let your fingers do the walking.  Simply Google: Popular children’s books or popular books for teens. 

If you want to really make it simple you can contact our friend at Usborne books, give her the topic areas and she will be able to tell you what books Usborne has in those areas.  The cool thing about Usborne books is that they are internet linked. (Always a plus when it comes to our computer savvy children.)
Contact for Usborne Books:  www.usborne.ca/litmama