We struggled for years (8) with our daughter, teachers, tutors and special classes. After 10 weeks it's as if there never had been a disability. Beacon has exceeded our expectations.

– Cathie Grannary (parent)
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 Tips for parents and educators on reading issues and solutions

9 Signs Someone Has a Reading Difficulty

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Learning Doesn’t Have to Hurt Any Longer!
Let Me Tell You Why …..

My name is Lani Donaldson and I used to struggle with reading.

Although I received relatively good marks in High School, it took forever to read any kind of text.
(What do you think that does to self-esteem?)

One day, I watched as one of my daughters was experiencing the same challenges as I did as a student. Things simply had to change and I dedicated my life to research, evaluate and learn what it would really take to be able to teach everyone to read. In my search I found Philip MacMillan and his research into reading.

The good news is that Philip had discovered a FAST, EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE PROCESS that boosted students reading an unbelievable 2.7 grades (yes, you are reading this correctly!) in only twenty hours of instruction. Needless to say, I was hooked!

As a teacher, I knew how important reading skills were to a child’s and adults’ success in school, in business and in life. My biggest goal in life became to teach the world to read!

The only question left is …. Do you want to learn tips and strategies to help yourself or your children to be more successful in school? I am READY to share my knowledge with you!

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The Nine Signs of a Reading Difficulty

You may be very surprised at what some of them are!


Furthermore, in your quest to find the answers to your childs' reading problem, I have developed a Consumer Awareness Guide on how to find a reliable tutor.  Personally, I expect you to look around to find a program that is the best fit for your child.  Feel free to download this PDF and share it with your friends!