“Thanks to you, the huge void in the school system has been filled!”

- Daniel Morris
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Beacon Literacy invites educators to place the Beacon program in schools. * Schools would truly become "Centres of Excellence" in the eyes of their community when they see the spectacular results this program has achieved with the very children and adults conventional methods have failed to help.

Please contact Beacon Literacy for specific pricing information. Costs will vary by location. At Beacon, we are committed to this program and to the students who need it. We will work with you in any way we can to assist you with your budget and with additional grant and funding options.

Comments from Educators

Donnetta S.

As and educator it is my job to see that every child's educational needs are met. The multitude and complexities of reading problems often leave me feeling helpless. The Beacon Literacy Development Program is the key we all need to unlock many of these reading problems. While using this program, I saw tremendous progress in our student's reading levels and confidence in just a two-week period. Michael used to guess when he came to a word he didn't know because he lacked the skills needed to sound it out. The self-voice-echo feature of this program helped him to hear the "parts" for words and enabled him to put those "parts" together in order to read. He is no longer helpless when he comes to new words in his reading. Children who are significantly behind their peers in reading were inspired because they could take what they learned on a daily basis and immediately apply it to their reading. This program is a much-needed resource in every school.

Tammy S.

My experience with the "Beacon Literacy" program has been very positive. After participation in the program for one week, I saw a significant difference in Whitney's reading abilities. Her fluency had increased quite a bit, she was more confident, and her reading comprehension had improved. Now that she has completed the two full weeks, I am seeing more improvement daily. Whitney is able to complete her work more accurately now and she also is working at a faster rate. Her fluency and reading comprehension are continuing to improve also. However, the most exciting change I've seen in Whitney is her confidence when it comes to reading! I've been teaching for ten years and have never witnessed a program that helped children so much. This is a wonderful program that I hope all children will have the opportunity to be a part of.

Phyllis Robinson - Principal - Stoner Creek Elementary School

Our school has been using Beacon with our students since 1998 has seen tremendous results. This year we tried Beacon with an English as a Second Language child where Spanish is spoken at home. In September, he tested at 0.0 reading level. In December he showed progress and tested at 0.6, which showed six months of progress. Today our year-end test results indicated a 3.3 reading level. This third grade child is able to read words that we never imagined and we are very pleased with the results.

Nancy Pullen - Stoner Creek Elementary School

I was one of two instructors trained by Mr. MacMillan for the pilot Beacon lab at Stoner Creek Elementary in Wilson County, TN. Several years later we continue to use the program at our school and continue to see amazing success with our students. I tutored a high school student that had been in Special Ed. classes nearly her entire academic career. She came to see me after her high school graduation this May to tell me that she had ranked right in the middle of her class (quite an accomplishment!) and had been accepted at MTSU to major in mass communications. This young lady's life was changed by Beacon. I believe in this program 100%. I could fill a book with the success stories I've witnessed just at our school. I'm proud to be part of this revolutionary literacy program!

Stoner Creek Elementary in Mt. Juliet, TN is proud to report another year of fantastic gains through Beacon Literacy!! Our students' scores/gains were absolutely amazing. This phenomenal program once again made confident readers out of struggling, disheartened students. I *LOVE* being a part of this program!