"The rough seas are behind us now that we have found our beacon in the storm. Thank-you for all you do, thank-you for all you are, and thank-you most of all for all you have helped our daughter become. Words are not enough...". 

- Trudy Reynolds

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What makes Beacon Literacy different ?

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At Beacon Literacy we believe that all children and adults have the right to be able to read and spell competently. Appropriate help should be available for those who have failed to learn with previous approaches.   The ability to read is truly a gift, one that most of us take for granted.  If you can not read, you are doomed to do and say and act what other people tell you to do. 

What makes us different than all the other companies out there who claim to be able to help your child?

We listen:

At Beacon we take the time to listen to our parents.  As a parent you are the expert of your child and we take that very seriously.  Whether you are an adult who is concerned about your own reading ability or you are a parent who is torn with anguish and frustration because you cannot find the answers you need; we take the time to listen, offer suggestions, solutions and the answers you are looking for.  We do not charge for our initial assessment because we believe that every parent has the right to know where their child is with their education, without having to pay for it.

We deliver:

Using our patented instructional process with our exclusive “self-voice echo feedback technique allows us to teach in a manner that is designed to capitalize on the way the human brain wants to access and acquire information, thus learning actually speeds up.  Many of our clients see results almost immediately.

At Beacon we focus on positive results.  We are so focused on doing the absolute best for our clients that we guarantee to increase their reading skills at least one grade level in only 20 hours of instruction.  In fact our average rate of increase is 2.7 grades. 

We customize:

Consistency and trust are integral parts of the Beacon program Beacon is a true one on one program.  At Beacon we ensure that each client is matched with an instructor who will best suit the needs of the client, and kept with that instructor throughout the program.  Each client receives a customized program; we do not fit round pegs in square holes.  Our instructors are here to teach and support each and every one of their students.  We are as excited about our students’ progress as they are.

Reading is the central core of everything our society does.  It is the pivotal skill in learning.  Those who cannot read quickly fall behind mentally, physically, socially and economically.  Strong reading skills can turn a child with a broken spirit into a child with self esteem and confidence in 20 weeks.  And that’s a guarantee from Beacon Literacy to you! 

WE give:  FREE Reading Assessment will let you know where your child really stands.