"Whether you are an adult who never learned to read, or the parent of a child struggling at school, you know the anguish of the poor reader.

Beacon is the answer for genuine, long-term solutions."

- Beacon Literacy

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Meet our Lighthouse Crew members:

Lani Captain: I have only one humble goal in my life which is to teach the world to read! So world, here I come!

cooking, camping, writing children books

Yvonne – First Mate: I was born and raised in the Netherlands, have two handsome sons and am very passionate about my work!!

cooking, reading, travelling (and not necessarily in that order)

Michelle – Log Keeper: A former Junior and Senior High School English teacher, I now spend my days reading such literary classics as “Mr. Brown Can Moo. Can you?” to my two beautiful children.

reading, quilting, laundry – oh wait, that’s not really a hobby

Our very capable deck hands:

Olivia – Crew: I love babysitting my friends’ kids and enjoy teaching my grade six kids!

travelling, reading, teaching, yoga

Sen – Crew: Originally from the “City of Rainbows,” also known as Prince Rupert, BC

reading, baking, hiking, and spoiling my aquatic pets

Carole Anne – Crew: I am a proud mom of a grown son. In 2008/2009, I have taught ESL in Korea which I really enjoyed a lot! Now back in Calgary, working a nice mix of jobs to keep life interesting.

reading, walking, dancing, biking, traveling, and exploring on the internet.



Jaqi – Crew: Born and raised in Calgary. I play the piano and I speak French, Spanish and English.

Snowboarding, swimming, going to hockey games baking and cooking.