“Thanks to you, the huge void in the school system has been filled!”

- Daniel Morris
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Everyone Can Learn To Read!

For many people reading comes easily. For others it can be a struggle that is both frustrating and humiliating.

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It doesn’t have to be that hard! Beacon Literacy is Canada’s #1 Reading Tutor, with a unique program that is:

  1. Highly effective. So powerful, in fact that our exclusive approach uses patented technology.
  2. Fast. Our program is so outstandingly successful that our average student sees an increase of 2.7 grade levels in just 20 hours of instruction.
  3. Profound. Not only do our students maintain the improvement that they achieve during instruction, but most will actually continue to improve even after their tuition is complete.
  4. Guaranteed. Because our results are so consistent, even for the most dysfunctional readers, we guarantee at least a 1-grade level improvement in just 20 hours of instruction.

Working With Individuals

People have problems with reading and writing for many reasons. Some of the most common include:

  • Learning difficulties
  • Gaps in education
  • Learning styles
  • English as a second language

It follows, of course, that different problems require a different solution. At Beacon we use a combination of patented technology and a multi-sensory approach to ensure that every student benefits from a program individualized to target their specific issues.

Whether you are an adult who never learned to read, or the parent of a child struggling at school, you know the anguish of the poor reader. Beacon is the answer for genuine, long-term solutions.

In the words of one satisfied parent: “…the rough seas are behind us now that we have found our beacon in the storm.”

A Full Range of Literacy Solutions

As Calgary's #1 Reading Tutor, we have the expertise, the technology and the ability to help with every type of literacy problem:

Children’s Literacy
Adult Literacy
English as a Second Language

We all know that the ability to read well is not a reflection of intelligence, but it is definitely an indicator of scholastic potential and earning potential. A proficiency in reading, writing and spelling is vital in today’s society.

Call now to find out how Beacon Literacy can help with a fast, effective program: (403) 283-3278, or email: info@literacycanada.com