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Is There Such a Thing as "Missing the Learning Window"?

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"From K to three you learn to read, from grade four and for the rest of your life you read to learn. What if you miss the window?"

Most of our school systems are set up in such a way as to assume that by the time the child reaches grade four, he or she will not only know how to read but will be proficient enough to now be able to read in order to learn.  For a large portion of our school age children, this is simply not the case.

Missing the window does not mean there is anything wrong with the child, it simply means that the school system failed to teach the child to read properly and read effectively.  For those children who do you miss the window they often face the tyranny of time.

As time passes the gap between their skill level in reading and those of their peers becomes increasingly larger. A student who is lacking in proficient reading skills will find it difficult to function within the confines of a regular classroom. As more instructions are given in print, it becomes increasingly more difficult to follow what’s going on within the lessons.   As assignments are not getting completed at school homework begins to pile up and frustrations began to take their toll. School eventually becomes a place that is associated with negative feelings and negative outcomes are results.

"Children outgrow their shoes, their clothes and even their teeth.  But they almost never outgrow their reading difficulties."

Children outgrow shoes, clothes and even their teeth when they’re young. But they never outgrow their reading difficulties. If children struggle in grades one and two they may still have the inner drive that tells them next year will be better. However, if reading difficulties are not corrected before the end of grade three their spirit begins to break and their belief in themselves as capable learners begins to fade. When this happens it becomes harder for them to change, and more discouraging for them when they fail to learn quickly.

It is therefore, vital that parents keep a close eye on what is going on.  A parent may have multiple children but teachers have multiple classrooms of children and so much more to keep track of.  It’s really up to you, the parent, to make sure your child has not missed the window, or if they have, that they get a chance to catch up as soon as possible.

Research shows that early one on one remediation that focuses on phonological awareness, perception of speech and the acquisition of the alphabetic principle, is fast and effective and will usually allow a child to get back on track with their peers in the shortest amount of time.

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