We struggled for years (8) with our daughter, teachers, tutors and special classes. After 10 weeks it's as if there never had been a disability. Beacon has exceeded our expectations.

Cathie Grannary (parent)
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Benjamin the Beacon Bear

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Benjamin stood looking along the shore below.  He noticed a small beach in the distance and thought that that would be a good place to start looking for new friends.
No time like the present to look for friends, he thought to himself.  He pulled his paws out of his front pockets and looked for a pathway down to the ocean.

It wasn’t long before Benjamin found a break in the low lying bushes that led to a narrow pathway leading down to the shore below.  He was a bit nervous as the ocean was a long way down and the path, although very sturdy as it was made of solid rock, appeared to be awfully narrow.  Benjamin always prided himself on being very brave and onward he went.

After a few minutes, Benjamin reached the rocky beach.  The pathway twisted and turned on the way down and it took another few seconds for him to get his bearings.  “Let’s see,” he said to himself, “The little beach should be that way.” Off he wandered in the direction he thought would bring him to the beach.

Benjamin walked for a good fifteen minutes and no beach was in sight.  He was beginning to doubt the accuracy of his BPS [bear positional system], when he looked back in the direction he had come from and could see in the distance the tip of the lighthouse.  He confirmed that he was walking in the right direction but the beach must be much further down the coastline than he thought.

Off to Benjamin’s left was a pile of very large, almost square boulders.  He thought that if he climbed up on them, he could get a better look at what might lay ahead.  As he climbed the rocks, he noticed something in behind them.  “It couldn’t be true,” he thought to himself.  “A real ocean cave”.  His friends would be so impressed.  His imagination started to run.  I bet Long John Silver himself hid treasure here.  If I found it, my family would be rich beyond our wildest dreams.  He abandoned any inhibitions and scrambled over the boulders in search of the caves easiest entrance.

*    *     *     *  

Does Benjamin Bear find the caves entrance? Find out in when you read the Benjamin Bear children’s books. Benjamin Bear is the star of Lani Donaldson’s new children’s book series ‘The Adventures of Benjamin the Beacon Bear’.  After years of working with kids of all ages at the Beacon Literacy office in Calgary Lani created Benjamin to give kids a fun character to both love and to learn from.

Throughout the book series Benjamin will learn not only life lessons important for all children but philosophical concepts that strengthen character, teach children about critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as encouraging them to formulate creative ideas and dream big!  If you’d like to be notified when the Adventures of Benjamin the Beacon Bear series is released, and receive the first chapter of the book free by email, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You won’t receive any emails until the book series is released. Then we’ll send you the first chapter to review to see if it’s a book your child might like.