"Beacon Literacy is the light at the end of the tunnel”

- Stirling and Elizabeth Vance
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Adult Programs

As an adult, literacy is a vital part of our lives.

Whether you struggle because English is not your native language, or because you were not taught properly as a child, be assured;

you can learn to read and write confidently and effectively.

The benefits of learning to read and write better will be almost boundless, but most importantly, for the competent reader:

  • The world of knowledge is at your fingertips
  • Learning to read well will automatically improve your ability to write well
  • You will have access to higher education
  • You will have wider employment opportunities
  • You will have greater earning potential

Whether you are an employer with literacy issues among your workforce or an individual wanting to improve your reading skills, Beacon can help.

The Beacon program is fast, powerful and cost-effective, using patented self-voice technology and a multi-sensory approach that speeds the learning curve for any learning style.